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Protecting cultural heritage from deterioration is a challenge recognized by the international community and represented by one of the 169 UN specific targets. Due to the implications in identity, history, and economy, heritage decay affects all society in general. Our multidisciplinary approach covers the development of new materials in response to real conservation needs, testing such materials, and assessing their heritage impact. The core of the 2DHeriPro consists in developing ultrathin films from 2D materials, compatible with the composition, color, and texture of historical remains, produced in an inexpensive and scalable method, that offers long-term protection against external influences recognized as key parameters of heritage deterioration. The proposed research will make a scientific breakthrough in understanding physical and chemical processes governing the novel 2D material films to address the conservation of wall paintings and decorative mortar used by both traditional and contemporary artists. Expected results of the project are to provide a deep insight into the interaction of the new generation of 2D materials with the environment and establish a new database that will set the path for the future architecture of 2D-based materials that can be used for building durable protective coatings.



Institute of Physics Belgrade
National Institute of the Republic of Serbia



Faculty of Applied Arts
University of Arts Belgrade



  • PROJECT TITLE:  2D Material-based Tiled
    Network Films for Heritage Protection
  • ACRONYM: 2DHeriPro
  • STARTING DATE: 01 December 2023
  • DURATION: 36 months
  • BUDGET: 284,989.43 euro

This research was supported by the
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
under the grant number 7456.

The content of the website is the sole responsibility of its authors and
does not reflect the opinion of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

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